Welcome to Klein Community!!!

A website dedicated to Luthier Steve Klein, a gathering place for Education, Archival and Virtual Library to his extensive work nearing 50 years of innovation, invention, and development of the electric and steel string acoustic guitar.

As this site becomes more established, I hope to have weekly updates to the site, uploading reading materials, photos, and videos. Please bear in mind that this is a labor of love and self-financed, I appreciate your patience, support and understanding!

It will be my goal to include links to:

Artists (where you can see Klein instruments live, and support them through buying their music).
Guitar Shops that carry Klein Guitars (mostly used & new ones through selected shops)
Photographers, Author/Writers (where you can support by buying their books and prints).
“Inspired By” (world famous luthiers who are fans of Steve Klein).
Steve’s Crew (where are they now?)
And a long list of cool and interesting things related to the Master Luthier Steve Klein. You may even see what he is brewing in his shop in Sonoma, California!!!!

Thank you for visiting the site and your support and encouragement!

Two stylish electric and steel string acoustic guitars
A red electric and steel string acoustic guitar
Two electric and steel string acoustic and brown guitars
Two very stylish electric guitar


Klein Community has no affiliation whatsoever with the following companies:
Klein Electric Division (Lorenzo German)
Steinberger (part of Gibson Family of Brands)
Taylor Guitars
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KleinCommunity.com was created to provide a forum for fans to learn about the works of Steve Klein, and to share their stories and photos about their personal collections. I have personally funded the initial creation of this site. However, the ongoing cost of updating and maintaining this project needs your support. If you would like to donate funds or content, your help is much appreciated. Please note that financial donations go directly to maintaining the site, but are not considered tax deductible contributions. Thank you so much for your support!


The purpose of this site is to educate, share common interest in Steve Klein’s work, design, invention and contribution to the art of lutherie.