There are many individuals whom I would like to thank – some I know personally, some through the social media. In one way or another, there’s been a huge amount of support to make this site a reality. Forgive me if I forget to mention your name here – so many of you were key to making this site happen!

I would like primarily to thank my wife Jennifer for her understanding and patience through the process of scanning, photocopying, sorting through piles of magazine and books on the kitchen table [I like to work there because there’s plenty of sunlight and it is a long table!!].

Of course I have to thank Steve Klein himself for his enormous support, and patience with the hundreds of questions he spent time to answer on the phone, at the Sunflower Café, in his shop in Sonoma, or during my several trips out to the West Coast.

Steven Kauffman and his wife Susan are two of the most hospitable and nicest people you’ll ever meet! They bring the art of guitar making to a new level – with love, good food, and nature.

Paul Schmidt provided a big inspiration with his book Art That Sings: The Life and Times of Luthier Steve Klein. I highly recommend you read this book. It’s a MUST for Klein Guitars fans, and it really changed my perspective. The wealth of information there is a gold mine – a reference I turn to over and over again.

Jeff Doctorow, the publisher of Paul’s book, has also been a great resource and support. Through this connection, I’ve been able to connect with key collectors who generously have allowed me to photograph their instruments for inclusion on this site.

Collin Kaminski and Michael Webber (both past members of Steve Klein’s crew) spent hours with me, telling great stories about the vibe, the creativity, and the beautiful works of art that were created under Steve’s leadership.

Andy Yakubik, the creator of really inspired me to begin my work on

The following musicians gave me support and encouragement early in this process. Thank you to Brendan Burns, Ralph Gibson, John Jourdan, Henry Kaiser, Brandon Ross, and Scott Stenten – you all inspired me to make the project happen.

And finally, I would like to thank all of YOU – for coming to this site, for your ongoing support and encouragement, and for the photos and materials to come in the future. I look forward to getting to know you, and to growing this community together.