A picture of a man with a guitar
A book written by Paul Schmidt

Paul Schmidt

Paul William Schmidt, M.M; M. Div. is an artist, teacher, author, and scholar and is also the author of:

  • Acquired Of The Angels: The Lives and Works of Master Guitar Makers John D’Angelico and James D’Aquisto  – “Scarecrow Press, 1991, 2nd edition 1998”
  • The History of the Ludwig Drum Company  – “Centerstream Publishing, 1991”
  • Art That Sings: The Life and Times of Luthier Steve Klein  – “Doctorow Communications, 2003”
  • The Nouveau Series Guitars: A series of 14 electric guitars built by Viennese Luthier Michael Spalt based on the Klein L-39.6 acoustic. – “Art of Music Instruments, 2009”