2016 L-457 Acoustic

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2016 L-457 Acoustic

119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.3119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.1

119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.4119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.2

Master Luthier Steve Kauffman has been very busy since moving to the beautiful state of Oregon, there he is producing the most incredible guitars to date at his shop one-by-one.

His recent trip to the East-Coast was quite successful, bringing back home a hand-full of orders and lots of good connections!!!

The Klein by Kauffman (see new label in the soundhole) is not a new partnership as these two men have known each other for close to 40 years, and the excitement is at full speed this time around!!!

Here’s the latest installment.


Brazilian Rosewood back & sides,

Sitka Spruce top,

Indian Rosewood neck

Brazilian Rosewood bridge.


Photo courtesy: Luthier Steve Kauffman

2016 Klein/Dyer Harp Guitar Prototype

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2016 Klein/Dyer Harp Guitar Prototype

  IMG_1610IMG_1669IMG_1668IMG_1602IMG_165614134859_1660899870890119_1561565849_n14073032_1153714691341496_258656127_n14026524_276280549431503_1163237324_n12479056_786267241475476_248522919_n14269261_216240078791280_668729572_nGuitar 168

First prototype for future production incorporating bass reflex cabinet technology with radical interior baffling system.

This instrument has been a collaborative effort between

Steve Klein, Steve Kauffman and

Scott Holloway/Jim Worland of Dyer Guitars.



Sitka Spruce top,

Mahogany back & sides and neck,

Guatemalan rosewood fretboard and bridge,



#built: Prototype Number 1


Courtesy of Klein & Dyer Guitars

The Fibonacci Guitar – 7 strings, Multiscale (L-457-VII)

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The Fibonacci Guitar

This edition of “On The Bench” is quite special, as I write this from Florence, Italy; the place where many of the Renaissance artists, worked, lived and died. This city has echoes of their inspiration all over it which show in its magic and beauty.

A few years back, to honor one of the most beloved leaders of this movement, Leonardo Da Vinci [1452-1519], Steve Klein & Steve Kauffman along with renowned artists, Larry Robinson (inlay) and Bob Hergert (scrimshaw) completed a four-year project simply called “Leo” by Mr. Klein, now in the hands of a private collector.

Fast forwarding to this summer’s season, the never quite mind of Maestro Steve Klein goes way back to pay tribute to another brilliant mind, Leonardo de Pisa [1175-1235] also known as Fibonacci. De Pisa was an Italian mathematician who introduced the Hindu-Arabic numeral system to the Western World (please read further by Googling: The Fibonacci Sequence).

The photos below show Fibonacci, the guitar. This is just a sneak preview of what is coming. Word is that it will be a multiscale neck and seven-strings. The instrument will be shown this October at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase.  Look for Klein & Kauffman Guitars’ booth at the event. It is important to mention also, that Mr. Klein will be celebrating 50 years of guitar building next year. But his amazing career also includes drawings, cartoons, inventions, and art.  Notably, Mr. Klein’s work brought Kasha’s theories into reality through guitar building (fan-bracing system), applied mathematics and physics in his designs (flying brace & impedance matching bridge) – truly making Steve Klein a Renaissance man of our times.


Woods used to make the Fibonacci:

Sinker Redwood top

Myrtle back & sides

Guatemalan Rosewood center strip & binding

Inlay by Steve Klein

Steve Klein – [email protected]

Steve Kauffman –  [email protected]

For reference on their work see “Leo” at their website:

Larry Robinson – [email protected] https://www.robinsoninlays.com/gallery.html

Bob Hergert – http://www.scrimshander.com/guitarstuff.html

Luthiers Showcase:

Woodstock Invitational – http://www.woodstockinvitational.com/exhibitors.shtml

Photos of the guitar: Steve Kauffman

Another beautiful collaboration between Klein, Kauffman and Robinson

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Klein by Kauffman L-457 (18″) Multi-scale

You might think that your eyes are playing tricks on you…

Well, I can assure you that your eyes are fine!

This is Multiscale (fanned fret) L-457 design done by Klein, built by Kauffman and inlaid by Robinson.

Word is that the musician that ordered it, is quite happy with the results!!!!


To learn more about Larry Robinson’s inlay art, be sure to check his website:



For more information or how to custom order your dream guitar contact Steve Kauffman

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (541) 942-5120

Photo: Steve Kauffman

Kauffman Parlor acoustic guitar.

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Kauffman Parlor Acoustic

This edition its not exactly on the bench, but instead in the finishing booth!

Brand new Kauffman Parlor Acoustic!!!

Note: Mr. Kauffman is currently building Klein Acoustics and his own Kauffman acoustics in his ranch in the beautiful Oregon state.


For more information or how to custom order your dream guitar contact Steve Kauffman

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (541) 942-5120

Photo: Steve Kauffman


Acquiring a Klein Acoustic Guitar?

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7 (2) - Copy

What do the Numbers Mean?

In this edition of “On The Bench,” I would like you to visualize the nomenclature and comparison of the guitar sizes. Klein acoustic models are determined by the lower-bout width in centimeters (i.e. L-45.7 or in inches 18″- now is simply called 457). So, when ordering a guitar it is important to know which size will fit you best, in your hands, sitting or standing.

There you have it. I hope this helps you find your dream guitar!!!

For a consultation on how to order one of their beautiful guitars, contact:

Steve Klein or Steve Kauffman

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (541) 942-5120

Mr. Klein hard at work…

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13406712_1209453542398291_4247582160617875879_n DSC_0163 - Copy

Renowned designer, innovator, Luthier Steve Klein hard at work in his shop in Northern California.

Would love to see what the results will be…

One thing rest assured, it probably will blow your socks off!!! (As always!!!)