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A brown and stylish, electric guitar

1973 Moon

Black and white picture of stylish electric guitar

1973 Alpha & Omega and the Twelve Apostles 12-strings

Very stylish brown electric guitar

1973 Kohoutec

Picture of stylish and electric guitar

1973 Quattro

The picture of a part of an electric guitar

1974 S-39.6

The picture of l forty five guitar model

1974 L-45.7

The picture of l forty five point seven

1975 L-45.7

Black Rose model of a guitar

1976 L-45.7 BLACK ROSE – Rose #1 – ’72-’76 (Custom Built for J. D. Souther)

The picture of Oakland Burndale

1976 L-45.7 Oakland-Burndale

Ching Custom Built for Joni Mitchell

1978 L-45.7 I CHING (Custom Built for Joni Mitchell)

Constellation custom built for Dan Peek

1977 L-45.7 CONSTELLATION (Custom Built for Dan Peek)

Butterfly custom built for Joe Walsh

1977 L-45.7 BUTTERFLY (Custom Built for Joe Walsh)

The picture of Cutaway Hidden heel design

1977 L-45.7 Cutaway Hidden Heel Design 12-string (Custom Built for Joe Walsh)

Dragon Nylon six string guitar

1978 S-39.6 DRAGONS Nylon 6 Strings (Custom Built for Jon Mark)

Dragons Nylon twelve string guitar

1978 S-39.6 DRAGONS Nylon 12 Strings (Custom Built for Jon Mark)

Cutaway hidden guitar design Cutaway hidden guitar design

1979 Klein Studio Models (KSM – L, S and 3)

An image of a guitar

1980 L-45.7 S-3 Cutaway

Yin and Yang Inlay model of a guitar

1986 L-45.7 S-5 YIN & YANG INLAY

Picture of Acoustic Harp guitar

1989 ACOUSTIC HARP GUITAR (Designed for Michael Hedges – Never Built)

Brazilian and Sitka Spruce guitar

1994 L-45.7 Brazilian & Sitka Spruce

The picture of Pegasus Inlay guitar The picture of Pegasus Inlay guitar

1996 L-45.7 PEGASUS INLAY (Steve Miller)

An image of a guitar

1998 L-45.7 ROSEBUD – Roses #3 (Inlay by Larry Robinson)

Mushroom cutaway design of a guitar

1996 L-45.7 MUSHROOMS – Cutaway (RMC Electronics)

Romanek sixteen strings guitar design

1997 L-45.7 ROMANEK/KLEIN 16-strings – Collaboration Between Steve Klein & Tihamer Romanek (Custom Built for Sandor Szabo)

Center round soundhole guitar design

1997 M-43 (Center Round Soundhole)

Pink Ivory bridge design of a guitar

1997 L-45.7 PINK IVORY BRIDGE – Rose #2

Treble side Upper boat oval soundhole design

1998 M-43 (Treble-side Upper-bout Oval Soundhole)

Center round soundhole design of a guitar

1998 M-43 (Center Round Soundhole)

Bass side upper bout oval soundhole guitar design

1998 M-43 (Bass-side Upper-bout Oval Soundhole)

The Thunder design of a guitar

2002 L-45.7 BIG THUNDER – ’99-’02 – Inlay by Steve Klein (Custom Built for Howard Gano)

Transperformance prototype design

2000 M-43 TP TransPerformance Prototype 1 (Dedicated to the memory of Michael Hedges)

Nylon string cutaway design of a guitar

2000 N-36.5C Nylon Strings Cutaway (12 frets to the body)

Nylon string electric guitar

2000 S-36.5 Nylon Strings (12 frets to the body)

Picture of a white colour guitar

2000 S-39.6 (15 frets to box)

A electric and very stylish guitar

2000 L-45.7 (14 frets to the body)

Picture of twelve strings guitar

2000 L-45.7 12-string (14 frets to the body)

Double neck string electric guitar

2001 DNSS DOUBLENECK 17-strings [Custom Built for Scott Stenten]

The picture of Infinite sign Inlay guitar


The picture of omk one design guitar

2001 OMK-1 (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

The picture of dkx prototype design of a guitar

2001 DKX Prototype (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

Omk three persimmon guitar design

2002 OMK-3 Persimmon (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

six deco four hundred and Twenty six series

2003 L-42.6 Deco 426 Series 1 of 5 (Total of 5 built in this series)

A brown coloured stylish guitar

2003 M-43 CUTAWAY (Round Center Soundhole)

A brown stylish electric string guitar

2004 L-42.6 IVORY BRIDGE 12-string (Deco 426 Series)

A brown six string cutaway design of a guitar

2004 M-43 IVORY BRIDGE 6-string

A cool and stylish electric guitar

2004 S-39.6 OMK TP (TransPerformance Prototype 2)

The picture of pink ivory moon guitar

2010 L-45.7 PINK IVORY MOON (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

Fern and copper fretboard guitar

2010 L-45.7 FERN & COPPER FRETBOARD INLAY 12-string (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

The picture of a brown stylish electric six string guitar

2010 S-39.6 NARROW HEADSTOCK (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

Leonardo da vinci design of a guitar

2010 L-457.110 LEONARDO DA VINCI -’10-’15 (Collaboration between Klein/Kauffman/Robinson/Hergert)

Redwood stylish electric guitar

2014 M-426.111 DECO MODEL (Redwood & Spalted Maple)

Curly walnut stylish electric guitar

2014 L-457.111 Curly Walnut b&s, Sitka Spruce top.

A modern multiscale electric guitar

2015 L-457.112 MULTISCALE 26 1/4  25 1/8 Blackwood b&s, Redwood top, East Indian Rosewood neck

The picture of Oregon tribute guitar

2015 M-426.113 OREGON TRIBUTE GUITAR Myrtlewood back & sides, Port Orford Cedar top and neck, Ebony fretboard, Holly wood binding, Brazilian Rosewood bridge. This instrument was built from all local woods from Oregon.



The last snow flake guitar design

2016 L-457.114 THE LAST SNOW FLAKE “Landscape” Brazilian Rosewood b&s, “Bear Claw” Sitka Spruce top.

Multiscale Brazilian electric guitar

2016 L-457.115 MULTI-SCALE Brazilian Rosewood b&s, Redwood top, Inlay by Larry Robinson.

Floral Woodstock stylish electric guitar

2016 M-426.116 FLORAL WOODSTOCK SHOW, “Vertical Grain” Brazilian Rosewood b&s, Sitka Spruce top, Inlay by Larry Robinson.

Fibonacci stylish electric guitar

2016 L-457.117 FIBONACCI “PROTOTYPE” MUlTI-SCALE 7-strings, Myrtlewood b&s and Guatemalan Rosewood center-strip, Port Orford Cedar neck with fretboard, bridge and binding, Sinker Redwood top, Inlay by Steve Klein. Run of only 7 to commemorate Steve Klein’s 50 Anniversary!!!

The picture of multiscale electric guitar

2016 L-457.118 MULTI-SCALE Brazilian Rosewood b&s, neck and bridge, Ebony fretboard, Elgelmann Sitka Spruce top