14th Harp Guitar Gathering, Milford, CT, October 14-16, 2016

14th Harp Guitar Gathering, Milford, Connecticut, October 14-16 2016

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What a great gathering of musicians, luthiers and friends!

Steve Klein and Scott Holloway (Dyer Harp Guitars), showed their collaborative instrument, a Prototype Harp Guitar that got a lot attention from the players and makers alike. Amazing musician Kinloch Nelson did a great job demoing the new instrument and Belgian Luthier Benoit Meulle-Stef can be seen playing the Harp Guitar on the encore!!

This project was in Steve Klein’s drafting table in February, he did the design, the neck, and the harp headstock, Steve Kauffman made the bridge, and Jim Worland put the instrument together at Scott’s shop in Pasadena, CA

The word is that The Harp Guitar (Syer = Klein + Dyer) will be available in early 2017.

For more info contact:

Steve Klein


Steve Kauffman

Email: [email protected] or Phone: (541) 942-5120