2016 L-457 Acoustic

By December 7, 2016On The Bench

2016 L-457 Acoustic

119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.3119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.1

119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.4119 Brazilian, Sitka, Indian and Brazilian.2

Master Luthier Steve Kauffman has been very busy since moving to the beautiful state of Oregon, there he is producing the most incredible guitars to date at his shop one-by-one.

His recent trip to the East-Coast was quite successful, bringing back home a hand-full of orders and lots of good connections!!!

The Klein by Kauffman (see new label in the soundhole) is not a new partnership as these two men have known each other for close to 40 years, and the excitement is at full speed this time around!!!

Here’s the latest installment.


Brazilian Rosewood back & sides,

Sitka Spruce top,

Indian Rosewood neck

Brazilian Rosewood bridge.


Photo courtesy: Luthier Steve Kauffman